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A dog's life in Paris: the bar Les Animals. Photo © ParisUpdate


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Perrin’s “Le Corset” glove clutch and the new Paris store.

Perrin, a French leather-goods company that has been producing luxury gloves and handbags since 1893, has just opened a Paris flagship store in the high-fashion, high-octane Golden Triangle, at 3 rue d’Alger, a stone’s throw from the iconic concept store Colette. The brand, which has already established a high profile with American connoisseurs, with stores in New York and Los Angeles, is best known for its signature glove clutches in sparky colors and original textures like galuchat and crocodile skin. The new Paris store is the work of interior architect Chahan Minassian, who has chosen a structured library theme in beige lacquer and mirrored gray tones, matching Perrin’s own highly structured design style. Claudia Barbieri


C’est Ironique Sign of the Weeque


Spotted by reader P.K. Munroe.

A sign for the season! This is more of a graphics malfunction than an ill-advised trade name: what we’re supposed to see here is the word “Fluo,” as in “fluorescent,” but the “o” doesn’t look like a letter. In fact, it’s more evocative of the plumbing fixture over which flu sufferers spend much of their time, seen from their point of view.

David Jaggard

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Paris Update This Week’s Events

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Festival Circulation(s)
> Festival promoting the work of young European photographers. Centquatre, Paris, through March 8.

Foire de Chatou
> The antique and fine-food fair is celebrating its 90th anniversay with a guinguette (dance hall) spirit. Chatou, March 7-16.

> Gourmet food festival, with 60 chefs and pastrymakers, guest chefs at Paris restaurants and more. Maison de la Mutualité, Paris, March 8-10.

Rouge Gorge, 10 Ans de Dessin
> Exhibition of contemporary drawings from the magazine Rouge Gorge, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary. La Bellevilloise, Paris, through April 1.

Salon des Champs-Elysées
> Antique and art fair, 70 exhibitors. Corner of the Avenue des Champs-Elysées and the Avenue Dutuit, Paris, March 6-15.

Trio Jazz Live
> Free jazz concerts with reservation. L'Hôtel Renaissance Vendôme, Paris, March 6, April 17, May 20, June 19.


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