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French film with English subtitles
> Lost in Frenchlation shows Hélène Angel's Primaire. Cinéma Le Brady, Paris, Feb. 24

Virtual reality on show
> Virtuality will host speakers and networking sessions on this hot topice. Centquatre, Paris, Feb. 24-26.

Contemporary textile art
>Miniartextil is an exhibition of new textiles from around the world. Le Beffroi, Montrouge, Feb. 22-March 19.

A barnyard in Paris

> The Salon International de l'Agriculture brings the best of the country's livestock and crops and the products made from them to Paris. Porte de Versailles, Paris, Feb. 25-March 5.

Before and after ecological disaster
> The Chic Planète festival presents two types of films, those celebrating the bounty of the earth and science-fiction views of what will happen after an ecopalypse. Forum des Images, Paris, March 1-April 13.

Paris semi-marathon
> Starts and ends on the Esplanade du Château de Vincennes, March 5.

French film with English subtitles
> Lost in Frenchlation shows Matthew Lancit's Flâneurs (Street Rambles). Cinéma MacMahon, Paris, March 3.

Literary conversations
> The festival New Writings, New Styles brings well-known Irish and French writers together to discuss contemporary literature in the two countries. Irish Cultural Centre, Paris, March 3-4.

Indian film scene
> The festival India Express takes a tour of new and classic films focusing on the subcontinent’s major cities. Forum des Images, Paris, through Feb. 26.

Young European photographers
> The Festival Circulation(s) features emerging photographers. Centquatre, Paris, through March 5.

Frank Capra Retrospective
> The great American director in the spotlight. Cinémathèque Française, Paris, through Feb. 27.


Paris Update's Favorite Restaurants by Arrondissement

Paris Update’s
Favorite Restaurants

Paris Update restaurant le baratin

Le Baratin: the perfect Parisian bistro?

Every restaurant listed below has the Paris Update seal of approval as a place we would return to, even though it may not be perfect in every respect. If you don’t agree, please write and let us know why (your response may be published on the page of the review and is subject to editing).

To see the full review, click on the name of the restaurant in the list. We will add new restaurants as we review them.

All restaurants listed as “bistro," contemporary" and classic" are French.

Price key for a three-course dinner, not including wine:

€ under €20

€€ €20-€40

€€€ €40-€60

€€€€ above €60.

Note that many of these restaurants have lower-priced set menus at lunchtime; see review for details.


AG Les Halles. Contemporary. €€-€€€

Champeaux. Contemporary. €€€

Cibus. Italian. €€€

Cuistance. Bistro.€€€

The Fish Club. Fish and seafood. €€€

Joe Allen. American. €€

Kunitoraya II. Japanese. €€€-€€€€

La Régalade Saint Honoré. Bistro. €€

Le Garde Robe. Wine bar. €€

Le Louchébem. Brasserie. €€

Les Fines Gueules. Bistro. €€

Pirouette. Bistro. €€-€€€

Spring. Contemporary. €€€-€€€€

Verjus Wine Bar. Contemporary. €€

Zébulon. Contemporary. €€‹


Au Clair de Lune. North African. €€

Aux Lyonnais. Classic. €€€

Blend. Gourmet burgers. €

Circonstances. Contemporary. €€

Clémentine. Bistro. €€

Edgar. Fish and seafood. €€€

Frenchie. Bistro. €€€

Frenchie to Go. Takeout. €

Frenchie Wine Bar. Bistro. €€

La Bourse et la Vie. Bistro. €€€

L’Apibo. Contemporary. €€

Le Pas Sage. Bistro. €€

Mori Venice Bar. Italian. €€€€

Noglu. Contemporary (gluten-free). €€

Pascade. Contemporary. €€

Pierrot. Bistro. €€€

Ratatouille. Bistro. €€

Saturne. Contemporary. €€€

Une Poule sur un Mur. Classic. €€


Al Taglio. Pizza. €€

Au Fil des Saisons. Bistro. €€

Beaucoup. Contemporary. €€€

Bistrot Populaire. Bistro. €€

Candelaria. Mexican. €€

Clasico Argentino. Empanadas. €

Cuissons. Bistro/deli. €

Derrière. Contemporary. €€€

Elmer. Contemporary. €€€

Glou. Bistro. €€-€€€

Le Petit Curieux. Bistro. €€

Les Chouettes. Contemporary. €€€

Les Enfants Rouges. Bistro. €€

L'Olivier. Greek. €€

Pramil. Contemporary. €€

Taxi Jaune. Bistro. €€


Au Vin des Pyrénées. Bistro. €€

Benoît. Classic. €€€€

Cru. Contemporary. €€€

Gaspard de la Nuit. Bistro. €€€

Grand Cœur. Contemporary. €€€

Jaja. Contemporary. €€-€€€

Les Pinces. Lobster and prime rib. €€

Le Temps des Cerises. Bistro. €€

Miznon. Pita sandwiches. €€

Mon Vieil Ami. Classic. €€€

Monjul. Contemporary. €€


Alliance. Contemporary. €€€

Au Bon Coin. Bistro. €€

Aux Verres de Contact. Contemporary. €€

Beaurepaire. Bistro. €€

Café de la Nouvelle Mairie. Bistro. €€

Itinéraires. Contemporary. €€€-€€€€

L’Agrume. Contemporary. €€-€€€

L’AOC. Bistro. €€

Les Délices d’Aphrodite. Greek. €€-€€€

Les Papilles. Bistro. €€

Le Petit Pontoise. Bistro. €€

Le Pré Verre. Bistro. €€

Louis Vins. Bistro. €€

Sakebar. Contemporary (French-Japanese). €€€


Cézembre. Seafood. €€-€€€

Ferrandaise. Bistro. €€

Fogón. Gourmet Spanish tapas. €€€

Kitchen Galerie Bis. Contemporary. €€€

La Closerie des Lilas. Classic. €€€€

La Marlotte. Bistro. €€

L’Avant Comptoir. Gourmet tapas. €€

Le Bien Décidé. Bistro. €€-€€€

Les Bistronautes. Bistro. €€-€€€

Le Timbre. Bistro. €€-€€€

Maison du Jardin. Classic. €€

Moustache. Bistro. €€-€€€

Semilla. Contemporary. €€€

Ze Kitchen Galerie. Contemporary. €€€€


Bistrot Belhara. Basque bistro. €€€

Gaya Rive Gauche. Fish and seafood. €€€€

Le 122. Bistro. €€

Les Cocottes de Christian Constant. Contemporary. €€

Les Fables de la Fontaine. Fish and seafood. €€€€

Loiseau Rive Gauche. Contemporary. €€€-€€€€

Pottoka. Bistro. €€-€€€


A la Chataigne. Corsican bistro. €€€

Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée. Classic. €€€€

Café Jacquemart-André. Salads and tea. €€

Chez Léon. Bistro. €€

Dominique Bouchet. Contemporary. €€€€

Garnier. Fish and seafood. €€€-€€€€

Jean. Contemporary. €€€-€€€€

La Marée. Fish and seafood. €€€€

L’Arôme. Contemporary. €€€€

Lazare. Contemporary. €€€

MandooBar. Korean. €22.

Mini Palais. Contemporary. €€-€€€

Neva Cuisine. Contemporary. €€-€€€

Savy. Bistro. €€€


Au Petit Riche. Bistro. €€-€€€

Autour d’un Verre. Bistro. €€

BAT. Contemporary. €€

Braisenville. Contemporary. €€-€€€

Caillebotte. Bistro. €€-€€€

Chez Grenouille. Bistro. €€-€€€

Hotaru. Japanese. €€€

I Golosi. Italian. €€€

Ito. Japanese. €€

JBC. Takeout lunch. €

La Régalade Conservatoire. Bistro. €€

La Vitrine. Contemporary. €€

Le Cul de Poule. Bistro. €€

Le Garde Temps. Bistro. €€

Le Pantruche. Bistro. €€

Le Petit Canard. Bistro. €€-€€€

Les Canailles. Bistro. €€

Les Saisons. Bistro. €€

L’Office. Bistro. €€

L’Orient d’Or. Hunan. €€

Prémices. Contemporary. €€€

Richer. Bistro. €€


52 Faubourg Saint-Denis. Contemporary. €€

Abri. Contemporary. €€

Allegra. Pizzeria. €€

A Mère. Contemporary. €€

Bistro Urbain. Bistro. €€

Bol Porridge Bar. Porridge. €

Botanique. Contemporary. €€-€€€

Bulma. Vietnamese. €

Café Pélican. Café/bistro. €€

Caluc. Lunch. €

Cantine Max y Jeremy. Tapas. €€

Ciacco. Italian. €€

Derya. Turkish. €€

Distrito Francés. Mexican. €€

El Guacamole. Mexican. €

Farago. Pinxtos. €€

Gros. Contemporary. €€

Holybelly. American breakfast and lunch. €

Inaro. Charcuterie and cheese plates. €€

Jules et Shim. Korean takeout. €

La Cevicheria. Ceviche. €€

La Pointe du Groin. Breton, counter service. €

La Taverne de Zhao. Chinese (Shaanxi). €€

L’Ardoise Gourmande. Classic. €€

Le Galopin. Bistro. €€€

Le Mordant. Contemporary. €€

Les Enfants Perdus. Contemporary. €€

Les Vinaigriers. Bistro. €€

Le Verre Volé. Bistro. €€

Le Verre Volé sur Mer. Bistro. €€

Madame Shawn. Thai. €€

Maison Plisson. International. €€

Mamagoto. Contemporary. €€

Marie et Louise. Bistro. €€

Matière à. Contemporary. €€€

Osè. African. €€

Pan. Contemporary. €€€

Philou. Bistro. €€

Playtime. Contemporary. €€

Porte 12. Contemporary. €€€

Procopio Angelo. Italian. €€

Rococo. Middle Eastern. €€

Zerda Café. North African. €€


Amici Miei. Italian. €€

Astier. Bistro. €€

Auberge Flora. Contemporary. €€€

Au Passage. Contemporary. €€

Chateaubriand. Contemporary. €€€

Clamato. Fish and seafood. €€

Clown Bar. Neo-bistro. €€

Deux Fois Plus de Piments. Sichuan. €€

Express Bar. Bistro. €€

Freddie's Deli. American takeout. €

Fulgurances. Contemporary.€€€

La Cantine de l'Embuscade. Bistro. €€-€€€

La Cave du Paul Bert. Gourmet tapas. €€

Le Dauphin. Contemporary tapas. €€-€€€

L’Ecailler du Bistrot. Seafood. €€€

Le Petit Keller. Gourmet tapas. €€-€€€

Le Repaire de Cartouche. Bistro. €€€

Les Déserteurs. Contemporary. €€€

Le Servan. Contemporary. €€

Le 6 Paul Bert. Contemporary bistro. €€

Le Sot-l'y-Laisse. Contemporary. €€€

Les Trois Seaux. Bistro. €€€

Le Tintilou. Bistro. €€

Le Vieux Chêne. Bistro. €€€

Le Villaret. Bistro. €€-€€€

Louis. Contemporary. €€€

Mamie Tevennec. Creperie. €

Marsangy. Bistro. €€

Mélac. Bistro. €€

Mojita et Bob. French tapas. €€

Ober-Salé. Bistro. €€

Salt. Seafood. €€€

Septime. Contemporary. €€€

Tannat. Contemporary. €€


Assaporare. Italian. €€

Clandestino. Contemporary. €€€

Eat Intuition. Contemporary. €€

L’Ebauchoir. Bistro. €€

Le Clandé. Contemporary. €€€

Les Amis des Messina. Sicilian. €€

Le Square Trousseau. Bistro. €€

Le Train Bleu. Classic. €€€

Miel et Paprika. Bistro. €€

Shan Goût. Chinese. €€

Will. Contemporary. €€€


Jin Xin Lou. Contemporary. €

Les Délices de Shandong. Chinese. €

L’Ourcine. Bistro. €€

Simone. Bistro. €€€


Château Poivre. Bistro. €€

La Cagouille. Seafood. €€€

La Cantine du Troquet. Bistro. €€

La Régalade. Bistro. €€

Le Dôme. Seafood. €€€€

Le Severo. Bistro. €€€

Les Fils de la Ferme. Bistro. €€

Les Petites Sorcières. Bistro. €€€

Les Petits Plats. Bistro. €€

L’Ordonnance. Bistro. €€

Nina. Bistro. €€


Afaria. Bistro. €€€

Autour de... Bistro. €€

Bernard du 15. Bistro. €€

Cristal du Sel. Contemporary. €€

Je Thé Bistro. €€

Le Concert de Cuisine. Japanese-French fushion. €€€

Le Grand Pan. Bistro. €€€

L’Epicuriste. Bistro. €€

Stéphane Martin. Contemporary. €€€


ETC. Contemporary. €€€€

La Table d'Eugénie. Chic bistro. €€

Prunier. Fish and seafood. €€€€

Tokyo Eat. Contemporary. €€


975. Contemporary. €€-€€€

Agapé. Contemporary. €€€€

Bigarrade. Contemporary. €€

Coretta. Contemporary. €€€

Dix-Huit. Contemporary. €€€

Frédéric Simonin. Contemporary. €€€€

Le Bouchon et l'Assiette. Contemporary. €€.

Le Cercle Rouge. Bistro. €€

Le Hide/Koba’s Bistro. Bistro. €€

Les Grandes Bouches. Bistro. €€

Salt. Seafood. €-€€

Les Poulettes de Batignolles. Bistro. €€€

Rech. Fish and seafood. €€€


Antoine de Montmartre. Contemporary. €€

Chamarré Montmartre. Contemporary. €€€€

Jeanne B. Bistro. €€

Jour de Fête. Contemporary. €€€

La Balançoire. Bistro. €€

La Table d’Eugène. Bistro. €€-€€€

Le Café qui Parle. Bistro. €€

L’Oxalis. Bistro. €€

Miroir. Bistro. €€

Sunset. Contemporary. €€


La Rotonde de la Villette. Contemporary. €€-€€€

Mensae. Bistro. €€

Quedubon. Bistro. €€

Sushiya. Japanese. €€


Chalbens. Bistro. €€

Chatomat. Contemporary. €€€

La Boulangerie. Bistro. €€

Le Baratin. Bistro. €€

Wen Zhou. Chinese hole-in-the-wall. €

Heidi Ellison

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